Accessories’ leather brand, where tradition and elegance converge in vanguardist designs with its own hallmark, handmade with an artisan materials. FAHRENHEIT is a slow fashion brand, a responsible alternative, in its creation and production process: thinked, designed and manufactured 100% in Barcelona.

An exhaustive search through small workshops in Barcelona, long chats with leather and textile craftsmen, combined with our desire to experiment, means that the leather and materials that we use are unique and treated with care until the last detail. This way we can provide with every piece a especially finished product, with a history, aged with grace. FAHRENHEIT retrieves the essence and origin of a profession; we devote ourselves to it with enthusiasm and excitement.

We travel with our FAHRENHEIT’s backpack to a new destination, where we discover a new way of thinking: textures, colours and materials inspire us and enrich each collection. Travel with FAH!